PulpExchange.com - FAQ

Which browsers are supported by this website?

Internet Explorer 9 (or newer version), FireFox, Chrome and Safari.

Why can I not see prices and more detailed information of the available lots in Marketplace?

You need to be registered and logged in to the service in order to see prices and more detailed information of the available lots.

How do I register?

In the home page go to “Register” and fill in the requested information

Do I need to provide all information requested in the Registration form?

All information marked with “*” is mandatory. You need to fill in this information in order to continue with the registration process. Information without “*” is optional and you can continue the registration process without providing this information.

Why do I need to select destination(s) when registering?

This helps us to service destinations that are of interest to our customers.

Why is my registration not accepted?

Only companies buying and consuming pulp can register to this service – alternatively your registration is missing some information.

If I have questions, who should I contact?

You can contact the administrator via the messaging function or alternatively ask your sales contact person.

What is the payment and delivery term?

Unless otherwise agreed:

- Payment term is 30 days from invoice subject to sufficient credit insurance.

- Delivery term is CIF port of destination.

What is the delivery time?

Estimated delivery time is shown in “more details” of each individual lot. More detailed delivery time shall be agreed, when purchase agreement is finalized.

What is the standard specification of the offered pulp lot?

Standard specification of each pulp lot is in the attached data sheet, which can be found when you open the more details view. If pulp characteristic(s) deviate from the standard specification, it is mentioned in particular characteristics.

What do particular characteristics mean?

It describes the deviation from the standard specification.

What certifications does the offered pulp lot have?

All pulp lots are FSC CW, PEFC percentage upon request

How do I make a bid for a lot?

In the home page view, go to “Marketplace” or “Bid”. You can either bid or buy directly. Your bid needs to be USD 5 higher than the current bid / starting bid. Once you have made the bid, it will be shown as “Current bid” to all users and as “Your bid” on your screen.

What is the difference between bid and your max bid?

Your Bid is your current bid – you can also use the max bid. By using the max bid function, you can enter the highest bid that you are willing to pay. In case your current bid is overbid by another user, this function will automatically increase your bid (in increments of USD 5) until your maximum bid, defined by you, is reached.

The lot I´m interested in is not available to my preferred destination?

Not all pulp lots are available in all destinations – either select another lot or use another destination.

What happens, when I win an auction?

When you win an auction, you will receive an email notification about your purchase and you will be contacted shortly by Metsä Fibre sales representative in order to agree about the exact details of the purchase agreement.

How can I reduce the number of emails notifications received from PulpExchange.com?

In your profile it is possible to unsubscribe to notifications