User Guide - User Guide

Getting started

The PulpExchange is a platform to bring buyers and sellers of pulp in contact in an efficient, modern and transparent way. Non contractual pulp lots with particular characteristics are always available to a large number of market participants. Interested buyers can either buy directly or bid for the available pulps.

Winning an auction or buying direct in the platform is not a legal purchase agreement. After winning an auction or having made a direct purchase, Metsä Fibre sales representative will contact the customer to agree exact details (e.g. delivery, payment) of the purchase order. Only the purchase order is a legally binding agreement. 

You need to be registered and logged in to the service in order to see prices and more detailed information of the available lots.

The website supports following internet browsers: Internet Explorer 9 (or newer version), FireFox, Chrome and Safari.


Open up the Registration form. Link to the registration can be found on the homepage.

Fill in the required information. Please note that you need to fill in at least all mandatory information in order to proceed with the registration. Mandatory information is marked with “*”.

Please note that in the registration you need to select at least one destination where you want the lot to be delivered. Destinations can be changed later on in your profile - edit profile.

When you have filled in the data, you need accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Before you can complete the registration, the slider needs to be moved from left to right in order to unlock the registration form.

Complete the registration by clicking Register.

You will then get a verification message to your email address.Your email address will be verified after you have clicked the link provided in verification message.

You will get a second message to your email address, when your registration is approved.

After this you can log in to the services with your username (email address) and password.

Exploring the lots available and bidding

You can see all the available lots in the marketplace.

You can find more details of each individual lot by clicking the “More Details” link.

Destinations where each lot is available can be seen in the “Lot ID Field” or by opening the “More Details” view of the lot.

If the lot is available to the destination you have selected, it is shown in the “Bidding Field”.

If the lot is available to several of your destinations, you can select the most preferred from the dropdown menu. Please note that once you have selected a destination, it no longer can be changed during the auction of this particular lot.

If a lot is not available to your destination(s) – either select another lot or change your destination(s) in “My Profile”.

You can make a bid directly in the Marketplace (“Bidding Field”) or in the “More Details” view of the lot.

There are two different ways to make a bid:

Make a bid, which is one bidding step (USD 5) higher than the current highest bid. The next bidding step is automatically shown on the left side of the BID button.

You can also enter your maximum bid on the left side of the CONFIRM button. The system will automatically keep you as the highest bidder until your maximum bid is reached.

Alternatively, you can buy the lot directly by clicking “Buy Direct”. In this case you win the auction immediately.

When you win an auction, you will receive an email notification about your purchase and you´ll be contacted shortly by Metsä Fibre sales representative in order to agree about the exact details of the purchase agreement.

Contacting the administrator

Each available lot in the marketplace has a link “send message”. When you click the link, a message form opens and you can write your message.

You can also send a private message to the administrator from your profile page. When you click “new messages” in your profile box, a message form for private message opens.

My Profile

In my profile page you can

  • See the overview of your profile information
  • See a summary of the open auctions where you have made bids
  • See a summary of the auctions that you are following
  • See your purchase history
  • Send a private message to the administrator
  • Edit your profile information (e.g. change the destinations where you want to purchase the lot)
  • Adjust your email notification settings
  • Change your password