About pulpexchange

PulpExchange.com - The new way of trading pulp

Metsä Fibre developed PulpExchange.com as a new online platform for all customers, enabling registered users to bid for or purchase various pulps.

PulpExchange.com brings buyers and sellers together in an efficient and transparent environment. This modern trading approach will be available alongside traditional sales channels offering a new value-added service for our customers. The key ambition motivating the development of PulpExchange.com was to arrange the most user-friendly way of sourcing non contractual pulps. The platform will continually offer delivery of hundreds of tonnes of NBSK and Birch pulps varieties to principal European ports.

Metsä Fibre is one of the world’s leading providers of commercial bioproducts and services. Our long experience and deep understanding of customer requirements ensures that we consistently deliver innovative pulp-based products and services that cater to the specific needs of the modern world.

Botnia brand products are developed in Finland, a land of innovation and sustainable forestry practices. Expertise and technological excellence enable Metsä Fibre to deliver on its commitment to realizing added value for every customer. A world-class products portfolio and careful attention to customer service have made us a trusted partner the world over.

Constantly pushing for renewal and innovation is a cornerstone of Metsä Fibre operations. We are always looking for ways to enhance our products and services, and to deliver tangible customer benefits. We prefer to always be at the forefront of progress, addressing the demands of the future. Today.

For further information: www.metsafibre.com